The Benefits of Custom Garage Doors

When it comes to your home, visually, your garage is an extremely important element. To passersby, your garage could well be the first thing they see, so making sure that yours has that extra wow factor can go a long way to impressing neighbours – and potential buyers! That’s not just it, though, there are […]

How To Stop Your Garage From Being Hacked

Unfortunately, your garage door is one of the most commonly-targeted weak points when it comes to burglary. Not only are garage doors susceptible to break-ins, they also provide criminals shelter once inside, giving them free reign to take what’s inside. While everyone knows that personal electronics like laptops and mobile phones require protection from hackers […]

How To Organise Your Garage

Regardless of whether we have grand ideas of making our garage an organised space for DIY projects or not, they seem to always end up filled with nondescript junk. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to get on with some DIY jobs this summer and need to organise your garage […]

Which Garage Door Material Is Best?

So you’ve acknowledged the benefits of replacing your garage door and decided to go ahead with it, but there’s a problem: which material should you choose? While there’s never going to be an out-and-out winner objectively, you will certainly be able to find the best material for you, depending on the benefits which you value […]

How To Protect Your Garage Door Against Thieves

Garage doors are one of a burglar’s favourite entry points into a home. This, in itself, should be enough to make you think a little more carefully about ensuring that this part of your home is properly protected from thieves. This is especially true considering that your garage often houses some of your most expensive […]

The Future of Garage Doors

With technological advancements accelerating rapidly over the past couple of decades, what can we expect from garage doors? Since technology permeates every corner of our daily lives and, for many, opening and closing our garages is a part of that, it’s safe to say that garage doors will continue to develop plenty of new bells […]

What To Look For in a Garage Heater

When it comes to your garage in the summertime, it pretty much heats itself; you can do all sorts of DIY jobs in comfort, whilst keeping your car clean and safe too. In the winter, however, things are a little different. The falling temperatures make taking trips to the garage a lot less enticing, and […]

4 Great Ideas For Converting Your Garage

If you’re looking to expand your home but are not sure where the extra space is going to come from, look no further than your humble, old garage. Although it may look dusty and bleak at the moment, a storage facility for all of your long forgotten items, your garage could just be the perfect […]

How To Protect Your Garage Door Against Winter

Since our garage doors are not areas of our home in which we would choose to spend our leisure time, we tend to forget about things such as their thermal efficiency. As a result, our garages are usually the least energy efficient rooms in our entire homes, and when winter comes round and the cold […]

Common Garage Door Problems & How To Fix Them

Here at Dimension Garage Doors, we want to make sure that our blog is providing all garage door owners with useful information, and also solutions to the commonplace problems that plague garage doors. When you come home from work, the last thing you need is your garage door playing up. But not to worry – […]