Which Garage Door Material Is Best?

So you’ve acknowledged the benefits of replacing your garage door and decided to go ahead with it, but there’s a problem: which material should you choose? While there’s never going to be an out-and-out winner objectively, you will certainly be able to find the best material for you, depending on the benefits which you value the most.

If you would like to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular garage door materials, read on and find out!



Steel is certainly the most popular material when it comes to garage doors, and for good reason. Being reasonably priced, very durable, fairly low maintenance and available in a variety of styles and finishes, you can’t really go wrong with a steel garage door. For example, even if you prefer the look of wood, you will be able to find steel garage doors which can mimic the finish convincingly.

Steel garage doors do have their own set of drawbacks, however. Firstly, steel is a poor insulator for both sound and heat so, if you want to opt for this style, it might be worth checking whether other doors in your home are properly insulated first. Secondly, despite the fact that steel doors are low maintenance, they do have a propensity to rust and can be dented fairly easily.



In many ways, aluminium is very similar to steel, but one of the key differences is the weight. Since aluminium doors are lighter than steel, they lend themselves well to larger garage doors. However, with that reduction in weight comes a hit in durability, unless you’re opting for a premium aluminium door with a heavy-duty frame, they are even more likely to dent than their steel equivalents.



Being durable, well-insulated and the most beautiful variety of garage door, they are certainly one of the most sought-after varieties. However, there’s a catch: wooden garage doors are some of the most expensive. A further problem is that they need frequent refinishing, meaning there will be a lot more maintenance required than other varieties.

Wooden composite doors are also worth considering. They manage to achieve the same aesthetic as wood – much better than those wood finishes – albeit at a lighter weight and a smaller price tag.



Fibreglass isn’t the most popular material when it comes to garage doors, but they offer a good alternative. Resistant to dents and available in a variety of finishes, you will be able to find an aesthetic you like at an affordable price point.

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