Stylish Roller Garage Doors in Manchester & Stockport

If you are seeking a new Roller Garage Door within Manchester, Stockport & the surrounding areas then our insulated roller garage doors are the ideal solution if space is scarce, or where the entrance to the garage is particularly narrow.

One of the great benefits that comes naturally with our roller garage doors in that the garage door opening mechanisms are specially manufactured in order to combat taking up space within your garage.

When our experienced team installs Roller Garage Doors, our main focus is to ensure that your new installation utilises as little space as possible. Giving you the ultimate convenience and freedom to use your garage in any way that you wish.

The door simply rolls up around a drum and is stored in the ceiling with no out-swing as it moves, so you can park right up to the door. And, because it rolls away, there are no tracks hanging from the roof, giving you more roof space for storage.

Our Roller Garage Doors are fitted with state of the art opening mechanisms that retract upwards and into a compact box thus meaning you have that additional space for storage or parking that you have always wanted.

At Dimension Garage Doors, our roller garage door solutions come with a vast array of benefits, including:

  • A wide range of colours for you to choose from
  • Insulated & sealed
  • Opens vertically
  • Automation as standard
  • Glazing is available

Roller Garage Door Installation

We have a dedicated team of garage door installers, across Manchester and Stockport, with years of experience working with a huge selection of door types and styles. They will ensure your chosen roller garage door is properly fitted to offer years of reliable and safe function.

Hesitant that a Roller Garage Door is right for you? Discover, our alternative garage door solutions:

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