Bespoke Composite & uPVC Front Doors in Manchester & Stockport

Enjoy unrivalled security and enhanced weatherproofing with a composite front & back doors. 

Energy prices continue to rise therefore wouldn’t it be nice to invest in your future by reducing your expenditure?

Well here at Dimension Garage Doors, we have the ideal solution for you.

Our composite & uPVC doors come with high calibre insulating properties which will ensure your energy bills are slashed.

If that is not enough, our bespoke composite & uPVC front doors are one of the most secure doors that you can find on the market which has seen them swiftly become one of the most popular solutions within the UK.

Composite doors combine a selection of different materials that enhance the door in specific areas. Instead of using a single material for every component, we’ve determined the best material for the frame, the handle and everything in between. This includes solid timber, uPVC and glass-reinforced plastic, among others. The result is a secure and sturdy door that excels in all areas.

We offer composite doors for a variety of applications. Choose between the following:

  • Composite front doors
  • Composite back doors
  • GRP composite doors
  • Double glazed composite front doors

Dimension Garage Doors are a proud supplier of Solidor composite doors. Chosen for their quality and reliability, the composite doors we supply feature the most secure locking systems, chamfered or sculptured frames, and can be customised in 23 different colours. Every door is PAS24: 2016 certified and fitted with a Ultion cylinder as standard.

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Dimension Garage Doors are a leading supplier and installer of domestic doors in the Northwest of England, including Manchester and Stockport. We supply doors from the world’s most popular brands and provide installation, maintenance and repairs on every model. To enquire about a composite door, or any of the doors we offer, contact us today.