Practical Side Hinged Garage Doors within Manchester, Stockport & the surrounding areas

Our range of traditional side hinged garage doors offer very simple and personal access to pedestrians and vehicles and are ideal if there are obstructions inside your garage that mean Up & Over or Sectional Garage Doors are unsuitable. Thanks to their simple and straightforward construction and operation, they offer a range of great benefits, making them suitable for almost any application.

Our side hinged doors offer a great selection of benefits, including:

  • Complementary 10 year guarantee
  • Suitable if you require frequent access
  • Bespoke garage doors made to your exact measurements
  • Very low maintenance

Side Hinged Garage Door Installation

Here at Garage Doors Fitters, we have an expert team who will help you find the right side hinged garage door to suit your home and tastes, and ensure it is installed to the very highest of industry standards.

Unsure if a Side Hinged Garage Door is right for you? Uncover, our alternative garage door solutions:

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