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Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing?

A garage door that fails to close properly will pose a serious security risk. Any problem that might be causing the failure will likely worsen over time, so it’s important to have it fixed as quickly as possible. This article will serve as a troubleshooting guide. Electric/automated garage doors that don’t close Remote/circuit is faulty […]

How are Roller Garage Doors Fitted?

At Dimension Garage Doors, we have been installing garage doors for over 20 years. To the untrained eye, garage door installation seems like a vastly complex operation, but to experienced engineers — it’s just another day at the office. In this article, the team here at Dimension Garage Doors are going to explain how garage […]

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to Garage Doors

In this Garage Door Buyer’s Guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing a garage door. Garage doors have evolved significantly over the past few decades. No longer do you find the same dreary entrance on every neighbouring garage; today, buyers can customise their doors in a wealth […]

How to Insulate Your Garage Door

Considering that we’ve just had another cold winter, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there’s been an increase in sales of insulated garage doors. An insulated garage door carries with it a host of benefits, too. For example: An insulated garage door guards against heat loss during the winter, making your home more energy […]

How to Make Your Garage Door Last

Whether you use your garage to store surplus items, as a place to keep your car secure or even an extended play area for your children, your garage is one of the most commonly used areas of your home. As such, making sure that your garage is properly looked after is vital if you want […]

The Benefits of Custom Garage Doors

When it comes to your home, visually, your garage is an extremely important element. To passersby, your garage could well be the first thing they see, so making sure that yours has that extra wow factor can go a long way to impressing neighbours – and potential buyers! That’s not just it, though, there are […]

Which Garage Door Material Is Best?

So you’ve acknowledged the benefits of replacing your garage door and decided to go ahead with it, but there’s a problem: which material should you choose? While there’s never going to be an out-and-out winner objectively, you will certainly be able to find the best material for you, depending on the benefits which you value […]

How To Protect Your Garage Door Against Winter

Since our garage doors are not areas of our home in which we would choose to spend our leisure time, we tend to forget about things such as their thermal efficiency. As a result, our garages are usually the least energy efficient rooms in our entire homes, and when winter comes round and the cold […]

The Benefits of Wooden Garage Doors

When looking to buy a new garage door, the sheer number of options available can become overwhelming. Sectional, roller, steel, vinyl – what should you choose? There are pros and cons that come with all styles of garage doors, but many garage owners forget to consider one particular style: wood. In light of this, this […]

How To Prepare For A Garage Door Fitting

Before having a new garage door fitted, many of our customers want to know if there’s anything they should do to prepare. The fitting of your new door will be carried out by our professional team but, to help ensure the smoothest installation, there are a few measures you can take prior to the work […]