The Benefits of Custom Garage Doors

When it comes to your home, visually, your garage is an extremely important element. To passersby, your garage could well be the first thing they see, so making sure that yours has that extra wow factor can go a long way to impressing neighbours – and potential buyers! That’s not just it, though, there are numerous reasons why a custom garage door might be a great or, in some cases, a necessary addition to one’s home.

This month, the team at Dimension Garage Doors will be taking a look at custom garage doors and the benefits they could bring to you and your home.

What Are Custom Garage Doors?

For most homes, the garage is a fairly simple structure, an unfussy shape which could accommodate all manner of garage doors. However, for garages with a slightly more leftfield design, a custom approach could well be required for the door. Whether it’s a unique curved structure or some additional length, custom garage doors can make your dream garage come to life.


The Benefits:

Resale value and kerb appeal

If you are thinking of adding an extension to your home and doing something a little out there with the garage, the chances are you’re worried about cost. Obviously, any kind of extension project is going to be an expensive undertaking, especially if the extension in question is going to require bespoke elements.

However, while this is true, we wouldn’t let it put you off such an ambitious project. Adding an impressive custom garage door to your home will boost your home’s kerb appeal (it’s appeal to passersby) which, in turn, will heavily increase your home’s resale value. This means that, in the long run, your investment could well just pay for itself or, even better, make you some money!


Perfect fit and finish

If your garage is a unique shape or has an imperfect structure, you will have a hard time finding a door to fit. With a custom door, the opening in question will be accounted for perfectly, ensuring that any unique lines or imperfections are compensated for.


Extra space

For many, the garage is much more than a space to store vehicles and other surplus belongings, it’s a workshop, a gym – anything you can think of, really! With that in mind, there’s a chance that your current garage simply isn’t big enough for the activities you plan to do in it, in which case, an extension may be required.

If you want to extend your existing garage, due to the sheer width and complexity of the structure to be created, a bespoke garage could well be necessary. In this instance, a bespoke garage allows you to really push the limits of your extension and be moulded to your specific needs.


If you’re looking for the garage door of your dreams, Dimension Garage Doors can help. We have a wide range of high-quality automated garage door options from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our reliable doors combined with our technicians’ experience and skill ensures you will get a long-lasting, top quality finished result. What’s more, we offer our customers across the North West our automation, maintenance and installation services at highly competitive prices. Contact us today for more information.

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