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How Do Electric Garage Doors Stay Locked?

Garage doors can easily be seen as weak spots by burglars looking to break into your home; many garage doors are old and have spring mechanisms that are easy to force open. It’s important to ensure your garage door is as safe as the rest of the entrances to your home, especially if it joins […]

Automating Your Garage Door

Automating your garage door can be a great help to home life, providing added convenience and an extra level of security for your home. Our automated door openers are suitable for a range of doors, and can be fitted and ready to go within a day thanks to our highly skilled staff. We’ve listed a […]

Wooden Garage Doors Vs Electric Garage Doors: Which is really better?

Are you planning a new build, or doing some upgrades to your current home? If so, don’t underestimate the importance of a garage, not only for convenience and security, but also for the potential value it can add to your property. There are some critical factors to keep in mind when deciding on how to […]