How Do Electric Garage Doors Stay Locked?

Garage doors can easily be seen as weak spots by burglars looking to break into your home; many garage doors are old and have spring mechanisms that are easy to force open. It’s important to ensure your garage door is as safe as the rest of the entrances to your home, especially if it joins directly to your house.

One of the more secure options are electric operators with additional locking facilities; these systems provide high-quality security that only those with remote access control to the garage can access.  This article looks at electric garage doors and how they stay locked.

Basic Installations

Basic installations of remote electric operator systems remove the internal locking cables that are used for slam-latch locks, and are instead replaced with the operator towing arm holding the door firmly in place at the top. In this type of installation, the towing bar relies on the strength of the door itself for security, so it may not be ideal for older doors that have considerably more flex.

Of course, if you have a particularly old door, it may be better to completely replace it, ensuring your garage is far more secure to prevent against break ins.

No Handle Options

For new up-and-over electric garage doors, you can opt to have the door without any exterior handles. The door should have a secondary method of access via the inside, usually in the form of a pull-cord to use in case of emergency such as power failure.

The handle removes any potential point of entry, therefore reducing the risk of an opportunistic burglar trying to break into the garage, and making it much harder to if they do.

Remote control

Having a remote control to access your electric garage door is one of the most secure ways of ensuring your garage is safe, and allows you to access the garage and shut the door without having to leave your car!

Opt for a system that locks at multiple points for added security, and ensure that your remote devices are kept safe at all times – do not store them in your vehicle or in sight of windows.

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