Does Homeowners Insurance Cover a Garage Door?

Homeowners Insurance does cover a garage door, but only if certain conditions are met. Read on to find out whether your garage door is covered.

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What garage door conditions affect my insurance cover?

It’s important to state that homeowners insurance will vary depending on the company used, the policy taken out and the country in which you live. With that being said, the following is typical of most homeowners insurance policies.


  • Most homeowners insurance policies will cover a garage door, provided that it is within your property boundary.
  • Your garage won’t be covered if your garage door is left unlocked. This may extend to the garage door itself, in addition to the contents of your garage.
  • The cover you receive may vary depending on your level of security. Add security cameras and alarm system to improve your cover or reduce your premiums.
  • If your garage is attached to your home, it will likely fall under the same policies as the rest of your home. If it’s a separate structure, it may fall under separate policies.


What causes are/are not covered?

Whether or not your garage door is covered for damage or theft will depend on the cause of the issue.


  • Damage from vehicles — This is typically covered in homeowners insurance policies.
  • Natural disasters — Heavy winds are usually covered, but rarer natural disasters, such as earthquakes and flooding, may not be covered specifically.
  • Vandalism — This is typically covered, though the specifics on the incident may be taken into consideration. Attacks by strangers will usually be covered.
  • General wear and tear — Garage door problems that have naturally emerged over time will not be covered by homeowners insurance.


How to make a claim

  • Record as much damage as you can. Take photos in good lighting and from multiple angles. When first receiving an expensive product like a garage door, it is wise to take photos of it in pristine condition to use as a comparison when damage occurs.
  • Call the police if your garage door has been damaged as a result of forced entry. A police reference will usually help your claim.
  • Call your insurer and discuss the issue with them. They should be able to tell you whether you have a claim based on your insurance cover.


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