Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing?

A garage door that fails to close properly will pose a serious security risk. Any problem that might be causing the failure will likely worsen over time, so it’s important to have it fixed as quickly as possible. This article will serve as a troubleshooting guide.

silver audi car pulling into an automated garage door

Electric/automated garage doors that don’t close

Remote/circuit is faulty

The remote control or the circuitry that powers the closing of your garage door will likely be at fault if your garage door fails to move at all. 

Fix: Change the batteries in your remote and turn off wireless devices nearby that might be interfering with the wireless signal. Also check that the motor unit hasn’t been unplugged. If none of these fixes works, it’s possible that the circuit breaker or fuse has blown. In this case, you’ll need to contact a professional to fix the issue.


Objects in sightline/safety sensors issues

Garage doors feature safety sensors on each side and a sightline between them. As a safety mechanism, the door won’t fully close if it detects an object between the sightlines. 

Fix: Check to make sure no objects are in the sightlines; even leaves or debris could trigger the safety mechanism. It’s also possible that the safety sensors have loosened from their bracket and need realigning. A blinking red light on the sensors indicates a more serious malfunction. We recommend contacting a professional to take a look.


Limit settings are wrong

If your garage door is quickly springing open when you attempt to close it, the close-limit switch may have been set incorrectly. If it is set too high, the garage door may mistakenly detect an obstacle below it and spring back up as a safety measure.

Fix: Reset your close-limit switch and ensure that there are no obstacles, leave or debris blocking the path of the garage door.

Manual garage doors that don’t close

Your door isn’t suitably lubricated

Your door may not be suitably lubricated if it is making unusual noises or is stiff when opened or closed.

Fix: Simply purchase a lubricator and apply as instructed.


There is a problem with the tracks.

Any number of problems with the tracks could be causing your garage door to jam. Your tracks may be warped, clogged or misshapen.

Fix: Try to manually clear the tracks of debris as best you can. If you noticed they are misshapen, try and return them to their original shape using a hammer. If your door still fails to close, contact a professional for further help.


The door is not parallel with the ground

Your garage door may fail to close if it has not been fitted parallel to the ground. 

Fix: Test whether your garage door is parallel or not by placing an object under the door in particular places and observing the result. If you notice that your garage door is not parallel to the ground, and there are no movable objects in the way that may be causing this unbalance, contact a professional.

Dimension Garage Doors installing a roller garage door

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