Wooden Garage Doors Vs Electric Garage Doors: Which is really better?

Are you planning a new build, or doing some upgrades to your current home? If so, don’t underestimate the importance of a garage, not only for convenience and security, but also for the potential value it can add to your property. There are some critical factors to keep in mind when deciding on how to construct your garage:


  • Car parking
  • Storage
  • Appliance room (freezer, washing machine etc.)
  • Extra space (study, playroom etc.)


  • Shape
  • Size
  • Materials used

While garages have been considered “permitted developments” since 2008, it never hurts to double check with your local building authority to make sure that no further permits are required if you are adding on a garage.

Garage Doors

The type of door you select for your garage will have a significant effect on both the appearance of your home and the monetary value. Your decision should also take into account such factors as security and convenience. The two most common choices are electric garage doors or traditional wooden doors. They each have some specific advantages:

Electric Garage Doors

  • Convenience; you can open the door from inside your car
  • Low maintenance
  • Adds value to your home

Wooden Garage Doors

  • Versatile; can be painted in your choice of colour
  • Quieter
  • More naturally insulating

It’s plain to see that electric garage doors seem to have more advantages; however, some traits of the traditional wooden door are definitely worth considering. If you are concerned about kerb appeal, nothing can replace the warmth and character of genuine wood, particularly if you have a traditional style of home. Also, wood can be painted in a tasteful coordinating colour, making it less outstanding from the rest of the house. A wooden door has naturally insulating properties, for both noise and temperature; however, on the down side, they do require more upkeep, and are more readily affected by the elements.

On the other hand, the electric garage door is the hands-down favourite because of its convenience, as you never have to leave the comfort of your car to open the door, no matter what the weather. This is a sought-after feature in homes and can add value; plus they are generally more low-maintenance. And, while wood is more naturally insulating, metal doors can be constructed with many different types and levels of insulation, depending on your requirements.

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