Automating Your Garage Door

electric garage door automationAutomating your garage door can be a great help to home life, providing added convenience and an extra level of security for your home. Our automated door openers are suitable for a range of doors, and can be fitted and ready to go within a day thanks to our highly skilled staff.

We’ve listed a few of the reasons why an automated garage door could be a great improvement to your home.


Opening your garage door manually can be a real hassle, especially in the winter months when you want nothing more than to dash to your car and get out of the wet and cold. With an automated door, you merely need to push a button to open the door and drive into your garage – the ultimate convenience.

Automating your garage door needn’t just be for motorists either, as remotely opening the door is easier for those less able, who may struggle opening a heavy door manually.


The addition of a remote control for your garage door gives the added benefit of superior security, as an automated door is far harder to break into than a standard door. Traditional doors – especially when old – can be a prime target for burglars, and are easily left open by mistake. An automated door reduces this risk, protecting your home when you’re out.


Automated doors should always come with an auto-reverse if it detects an obstruction in it’s way. This is a very important safety feature to protect anyone walking under the door, particularly when there are young children around, and to protect belongings which may be in the way of the closing door and you don’t want to be damaged.

It is also important to bear in mind that if your garage door is particularly old, it may not be safe to automate it due to faulty spring functions. In this case, it may be easier to replace your garage door altogether before automating it, guaranteeing the utmost safety and security for your home.


Here at Dimensions Garage Doors, we provide a range of automated garage door openers built by leading manufacturers at cost-effective prices. We’re sure to have a solution within your budget, with a long lasting guarantee and the knowledge that your investment will make life that much easier.

Contact our friendly team today for more information on the services we offer, and we’d be more than happy to help.