How To Prepare For A Garage Door Fitting

Before having a new garage door fitted, many of our customers want to know if there’s anything they should do to prepare. The fitting of your new door will be carried out by our professional team but, to help ensure the smoothest installation, there are a few measures you can take prior to the work commencing. Here are our top recommendations for preparing for a garage door fitting.

Free up space inside the garage

When carrying out your new door’s installation, our fitters will need room to manoeuvre. A lot of the work will be carried out inside your garage, as this is where the mechanisms are housed. To allow us to work without obstruction, it is helpful if your garage is cleared out before our arrival, at least around the entrance. Taking your car out of the garage and moving out or pushing back any shelving and possessions will ensure the work gets done as swiftly and safely as possible.  

Clear a space outside the garage

Having enough working room outside the garage is also important to our fitters. A clear and unobstructed outside area is vital so that our team can have easy access to the garage throughout the job. Any obstructions run the risk of becoming a hazard for our workers or getting damaged during the installation. To prevent any accidents, please clear anything from on or around the vicinity of the garage entrance.  

Close parking

Something that is greatly appreciated by our engineers is a closeby parking space. Having our van as near as possible means that we needn’t carry your new door and all our equipment for a longer distance than necessary. If possible, having a parking space on your driveway is the best solution.

Don’t take down your current door

Garage doors shouldn’t be tackled by those without the necessary training and experience. Our professional fitters are fully trained to deal with the whole process of garage door fitting, including the safe removal of your old door. Without this practice, it is all too easy to injure yourself or cause damage to the garage’s framework.

Inform neighbours and children

Although the installation shouldn’t be very disruptive, it is good courtesy to let your neighbours know that there will be work going on. If you have connecting garages or if our engineers will be parking close to your neighbour’s home, this is a particularly good idea.

If you have children or pets around the house, it is also a good idea to keep them inside or a large distance from where the work is being carried out. The fitting process will involve moving around a lot of heavy and potentially dangerous equipment, so it is important to keep little ones a safe distance away from the work site.


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