How To Protect Your Garage Door Against Winter

Since our garage doors are not areas of our home in which we would choose to spend our leisure time, we tend to forget about things such as their thermal efficiency. As a result, our garages are usually the least energy efficient rooms in our entire homes, and when winter comes round and the cold starts to bite – this can be a real problem. What’s more, the cold can even do damage to the door itself, which will only lead to further costs.

That said, if you take the correct measures to increase your door’s thermal efficiency, you needn’t worry about the harsh conditions ahead. With this in mind, in this article, Dimension Garage Doors will be offering some tips on how to protect your garage against the elements this winter.

Seal Any Gaps

Noticeable gaps around the floor, door frames and windows can let out a great deal of heat. To combat this, buy some sealant – decorators caulk, ideally – in order to fill those gaps and create an airtight, weather-proof barrier to keep winter at bay. This, by itself, should increase the thermal efficiency of your garage dramatically. Also, it’s worth noting that silicone or latex based caulks are the most waterproof, so seeking one of these out is your best bet.

Insulate The Ceilings and Walls

A lot of heat from your garage will be lost through the ceiling, so this might be the next place to work on. In order to do this, simply invest in a u-value insulating material that’s suitable for your particular garage and install it between the rafters of your roof.

Alternatively, for a slightly higher price point, you can hire a company to blow an insulative material into the cavity of the roof itself, or you could line the walls with a bubble foil material. These options are certainly worth the money you spend on them but, ultimately, the choice is yours.

Insulate The Door Itself

If your garage door is a little older or perhaps you opted for a door without built-in insulation, the likelihood is you will be losing a lot of heat through your garage door. So, in order to rectify this, you could replace your garage door with a higher spec one with integrated insulation, or alternatively, you could insulate the door yourself as a shorter term solution.

Weather Strip

Finally, a weather strip is a robust piece of material that follows the perimeter of your door in order to protect it from the cold. If your door doesn’t already have one of these, it’s certainly worth installing one. They’re cheap to buy and simple to apply.

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