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How To Maintain Your Garage Door

To keep your garage door in the best condition and working smoothly, it is important you carry out some regular maintenance tasks. A garage door is a large and heavy object to move and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure all parts of the mechanism are in good working condition for the safety of the […]

Most Common Problems With Garage Doors

A professionally fitted garage door will last a long time but, as years go by, everyday wear and tear can lead to problems arising. Most of these problems can be dealt with easily by an expert, or can even be remedied yourself with good maintenance practices. In this article, we will look at some of […]

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage

As spring has arrived, so has the ideal time to freshen up your home with a good spring clean. Sunshine and (slightly) warmer weather means you can tackle those jobs you’d been avoiding through the winter months. Traditionally, your house is the focus of a spring clean, but this year why not give your garage […]

When to Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors can be an often overlooked piece of equipment. This is despite them often being an additional entryway to your home and the protection for your belongings from the elements and theft. Often, small issues, such as minor scrapes or a slightly sticking door, can be dealt with easily. However, accumulating problems, or the […]

What Type of Garage Door is the Most Secure?

If security concerns don’t already preoccupy your mind, luck may have been on your side up until now. After all, the police recorded 4.6 million crimes occurring in England and Wales in the year ending June 2016, a 7% increase on the previous year as recorded by the ONS, so preparation and security is key […]

How to Prevent Your Garage Door from Freezing This Winter

With January only round the corner, the mercury has been plummeting recently. That fact brings with it a whole host of issues, not least of all the problem of frost. Frost can put extra strain on your home and garage, causing damage wherever it’s allowed to take hold unchecked. An especially vulnerable part of your […]

Regular Garage Door Checks You Should Be Carrying Out

A high-end, quality garage door has the potential to last for years to come. However, as with most things, if it is neglected its performance can end up compromised. To combat this, you should regularly carry out checks on your garage door to ensure that it’s working to the highest standards. Here, we’ll be detailing […]

How to Prepare Your Garage for Winter

As with most things, when the colder weather begins to take hold your garage and the garage door may be pushed to their limits. However, with the proper precautionary measures your garage will be able to withstand the harsh conditions of winter with ease, maintaining an excellent environment within your garage to keep all of […]

What to do if your automated garage door loses power or breaks?

From blackouts during thunderstorms to a fault in your garage motor system, problems with your automated garage door can crop up at any time and really put a crimp in your day. But if you’re prepared, your car, tools, or bicycle need not remain caged up in your garage until the engineer arrives or the […]

Two Doors or One? – Is it worth converting to a double garage door?

A popular debate when it comes to garage doors is the benefits of two doors versus one double garage door. Many double garages are fitted with two single doors, meaning a car can be parked in each door space, but increasingly people are opting for one double garage door for the added convenience it provides. […]