Regular Garage Door Checks You Should Be Carrying Out

A high-end, quality garage door has the potential to last for years to come. However, as with most things, if it is neglected its performance can end up compromised. To combat this, you should regularly carry out checks on your garage door to ensure that it’s working to the highest standards. Here, we’ll be detailing just a few checks you can use to test the health of your garage door.

garage door checks

External Observation

Whether your garage door is automatic or manual, you should regularly watch it open and close to ensure it does so in a smooth motion. If it jolts or makes screeching noises, it could be a sign of major problems either now or in the future. Try to identify where exactly the problem is, but don’t worry if you can’t – simply contact a professional.

Check the Springs

To maintain tension and stop the garage door from free falling, your garage door may have a number of springs fitted. Although they are quite sturdy, garage springs don’t last forever. Check them regularly for rust – if rust starts to take hold, call a professional to check whether or not your garage door is still safe to use.


By regularly checking that the moving parts of your garage door are appropriately lubricated, you can massively extend its working life. A silicone-based lubricant should be used to spray the springs, roller and pivots to ensure that your garage door can run along its track smoothly.

Clear the Tracks

The tracks along which your garage door moves when it opens and closes need to be cleared of debris and clutter on a regular basis. Make sure items aren’t stored anywhere near the track or precariously placed so that they may fall and obstruct the track. In the autumn, it is also worth checking that there aren’t any fallen leaves clogging the tracks either.

Check the Weather Seals

Your garage door is one of the best defences against the winter cold and summer heat that your garage and the items within have. The weather seals are central to that defence. Check them regularly for rips and tears that could let nature into your garage. A working weather seal will also lower your energy bills, so it’s well worth the effort to both install them if you don’t have them already, and maintain them if you do.


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