Most Common Problems With Garage Doors

A professionally fitted garage door will last a long time but, as years go by, everyday wear and tear can lead to problems arising. Most of these problems can be dealt with easily by an expert, or can even be remedied yourself with good maintenance practices. In this article, we will look at some of the most common issues that occur with garage doors and how best to deal with them.

garage door checks

Automatic door won’t open

This is a very common problem for automatic garage doors and can occur out of the blue. Most of the time, this issue has a simple cause: the batteries in your garage door remote have run out. Replacing the remote batteries will often fix the problem.

If the garage door still does not respond after the remote has fresh batteries, this indicates a more serious problem. The garage door could have issues with other components, such as the motor or springs. Call a garage door specialist to come and assess your door to identify and fix the problem for you.

The door is noisy

Whilst not a hazardous problem, an excessively noisy door can be a great annoyance. As well as unpleasant screeching sounds when opening or closing the door, you may also find the door less smooth to operate. This issue generally has its origins in the tracks and wheels of your garage door. When the tracks aren’t clear or are very dry, the wheels won’t run smoothly across them, resulting in clamorous and stiffer operation. To solve this issue, cleaning and lubrication of the tracks and wheels of the garage door system are likely all that’s needed.

The door is heavy and/or hard to operate

If you notice your garage door suddenly feels heavier or harder to operate than normal, don’t disregard this as it can be a sign an integral part of the mechanism is failing or has broken. Firstly, you should check that the tracks aren’t being obstructed by any debris which is preventing smooth operation. If this is the problem, a good clean and lubrication of the tracks should remedy this issue.

If after maintenance the door still feels heavy and is hard to use, you could have broken rollers, springs or cables. This problem can make your door a potential hazard; opening will require undue physical exertion, and the closing door can fall faster than expected. You should contact a garage door repair service immediately to get this fixed.

The door doesn’t stay open

If your garage door doesn’t stay put when you’ve opened it, this can be a sign of wearing parts. The garage door mechanism should be able to safely support the weight of the door, allowing it to remain stationary when fully retracted, without drooping or creeping downwards. This issue is an indication that the springs are worn and have lost the tension necessary for the door to be supported and function properly. A garage door specialist should be called out to see whether the springs can be repaired or are in need of replacement.

The door hangs unevenly

A door which doesn’t hang straight can let in excess dirt and debris into your garage and compromise security. This problem is often caused by the tracks becoming misaligned due to loose bolts. With a visual inspection you may be able to identify if loose bolts are to blame and carefully tighten them yourself. However, if it is unclear or all bolts seem to be sturdy, you should make an appointment for a garage specialist to troubleshoot this issue for you. More serious culprits for an uneven door can be broken or worn cables and pulleys, which will need to be replaced.


If you have problems with your garage door which aren’t covered in this article, it is best to call a garage door specialist, such as those at Dimension Garage Doors, who will be able to provide you with an effective solution. Dimension Garage Doors provide professional garage door installations and repairs across Manchester and Stockport. Our experienced, skilled team can help keep your garage safe and secure with reliable repairs or, if your door is past its best, an attractive, high quality replacement. Get in touch with our friendly team today for further information.