Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Garage

As spring has arrived, so has the ideal time to freshen up your home with a good spring clean. Sunshine and (slightly) warmer weather means you can tackle those jobs you’d been avoiding through the winter months. Traditionally, your house is the focus of a spring clean, but this year why not give your garage some much needed TLC, too? It is all too easy to let the garage get cluttered, untidy and worse for wear. So, this month, we have put together some top tips to rejuvenate your garage and get it back to the best possible condition.

Spring cleaning your garage


Garages are often used to store all the belongings you have which don’t have a place in the house – tools, sports equipment, garden furniture and more besides often find themselves here. This spring, take the time to look through these amassed items and see whether you truly still need them all. Outgrown bikes and toys, garden furniture you never got round to fixing, old household appliances that ‘might be useful someday’ – be realistic and assertive and clear this clutter! Set aside time on a nice day to take everything out of the garage to assess whether you should keep it. Think about if you have used the item recently and if you really need to keep it.


Once you have decluttered, the now empty garage will be much easier to clean. Firstly, sweep the floor to remove any dirt, grit, leaves and debris which have found their way into the garage over winter. Depending on the state of your garage, you may decide to give the floor a wash too – scrubbing it with soap and water – for a more thorough clean. Dust down any shelves, corners and other areas where dust, dirt and spiders congregate. Any windows should get a wash too to make sure the whole area is looking spick and span!

At this point, you should see whether the garage door itself is in need of a wash – it is, after all, the part which most people will see. If it does need a clean, use simple soap and warm water with a sponge rather than harsh chemicals, as these can damage the paint or even the garage door material itself.

Checks and maintenance

Now is an ideal time to give your garage door mechanisms the once over. Make sure all parts, such as springs, weatherstripping and tracks, are in good working order. Lubricate the moving parts, such as wheels and springs, to ensure smooth functioning.

If you notice any of the parts of your garage door mechanism are broken or overly worn, contact a garage door repair service to fix this for you. Additionally, if you take a good look at your garage door and realise it is pretty old and worn looking, don’t allow the facade to let down all your hard cleaning work and make the decision to replace the door. A new garage door will be more safe and secure as well as being a lot more aesthetically pleasing.


Lastly, you can put back into your garage the items which are still of use to you. Whilst considering where to put everything, think about installing better storage solutions in your garage for better organisation. This could include shelving units, wall hooks or just clearly labelled boxes. A well-organised garage space will look a lot better, can free up floor space and will make finding specific things a lot easier in the future.


If you decide that your garage door is in need of replacement, take a look at the wide range of garage door styles and materials offered by Dimension Garage Doors. Our highly experienced garage door specialists provide services across the North West of England which include installation, automation and repair work. Contact us today to discuss the different garage door options and services we provide or for general enquiries.