Two Doors or One? – Is it worth converting to a double garage door?

A popular debate when it comes to garage doors is the benefits of two doors versus one double garage door. Many double garages are fitted with two single doors, meaning a car can be parked in each door space, but increasingly people are opting for one double garage door for the added convenience it provides.

To help you with your decision, we’ve listed some of the pros and cons of converting to a double garage door below.


  • Allows for bigger, wider vehicles

The biggest benefit of a double garage door is the added space it provides for bigger and wider vehicles. However, even if you do not have a bigger than average vehicle, a double garage can also provide nervous drivers with added confidence that they won’t hit the door frames when parking, and provide more room for manoeuvring if needed.

  • One door is less expensive than two

When looking to install brand new garage doors, the general consensus is that one larger door is less expensive to install than two, making it a popular option for those looking for good quality doors on a budget.

  • Easier to access

A larger garage door makes it easier to access the garage and your car once it’s parked, which is ideal for those who may have difficulty accessing their car. If you have an elderly relative who will need to use the garage, or are disabled and need room to put your wheelchair in your vehicle, a double garage door will make this much easier than two separate single doors which can restrict the amount of space you have to access the garage and your vehicle.

  • More accessible storage space

One large garage door can make organising your garage a lot easier if you plan to store belongings in it as well as storing your car. Two single doors can mean that more space is taken up with vehicles, forcing you to sacrifice on space when storing items inside.


  • Door jams

If your double garage door jams or the entry mechanism breaks, you will be left with no means of entry into your garage (unless it is connected internally to your home), meaning you will have to pay the fees for a repair service in order to gain access. Two single doors mean the likelihood of this occurring is extremely low.

  • Less insulation

With two single doors, you can control how exposed your garage is to the outside by only opening one door, which in turn will also ensure less cold air is allowed in compared to a double door. If a warm garage is a top priority, or if your home is connected to your garage, it is useful to consider whether the loss of heat and insulation a double door will cause is worth it.

  • Less attractive than two single doors

A double door can present an unbalanced aesthetic in the exterior of your home, with the size and scale of a double door being an intimidating feature compared with the rest of your doors and windows. It’s often thought that two single garage doors are more appealing if purely looks are what you are basing your decision on.


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