4 Great Ideas For Converting Your Garage

If you’re looking to expand your home but are not sure where the extra space is going to come from, look no further than your humble, old garage. Although it may look dusty and bleak at the moment, a storage facility for all of your long forgotten items, your garage could just be the perfect area to convert into extra space. What’s more, you needn’t alter your garage in a manner that loses its initial charm.

From home gyms to peaceful lounges, the potential your old garage has to become a dream room is only limited by your imagination. So, to help get your creative juices flowing, this month, the team at Dimension Garage Doors will be offering some ideas of what your old garage could become.

A Children’s Playroom

As your children get older, the more room they seem to need in order to enjoy themselves. On top of this, in the winter, they won’t be able to go and burn off some of their boundless energy in the back garden. So, with that in mind, why not create a brand-new children’s playroom?

To take this idea further you could create a children’s jungle gym complete with monkey bars and mats. This way, your old garage can aid in improving their health and their happiness.

A Guest Room/House

If you want to upgrade your home and your guest bedrooms simply aren’t cutting it, then why not considering converting your old garage into a guest house? Depending on the size of your garage, you could create a small studio apartment, complete with a bathroom, living area and kitchenette. On top of adding value to your home, you could also rent out this space to lodgers for extra income. And, even better, this won’t encroach on your family’s space too!

A Home Gym

Most people who opt to build a home gym end up having to sacrifice a room from their main house, a room which may not even be large enough to squeeze in a gym. A garage, on the other hand, boasts a bit more space than most rooms in your home, and offers the perfect place to install a home gym.

An Extra Lounge/Drinks Room

Ever wanted to create a space for small parties away from the main area of your home? Well, a converted garage offers just that space. Adding sofas, ornaments a television and even a small bar to your conversion can immediately transform your garage into the perfect drinks room.

However, if relaxation is more your style, then why not forgo the bar and create a cinema room? All you’ll need is a comfy seating area and a projector and you’re away!


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