What To Look For in a Garage Heater

When it comes to your garage in the summertime, it pretty much heats itself; you can do all sorts of DIY jobs in comfort, whilst keeping your car clean and safe too.
In the winter, however, things are a little different. The falling temperatures make taking trips to the garage a lot less enticing, and climbing into the freezing cabin of your car is the last thing you need before you head off to work.

So, what’s the fix?
Easy: get yourself a garage heater.
Not just any old garage heater though, there are many out there on the market, all with their various benefits and shortcomings, so picking the right one is essential. In this article then, the team at Dimension Garage will help you do just that – pick the right garage heater for you.

Liquid Fuel Heaters

The benefits of free-standing fuel heaters that burn kerosene or propane are obvious: they are portable and inexpensive.
This means that you can move them in and out of your garage as the seasons change with ease, and not have to shell out too much cash to keep your car warm during the winter months.
However, there are a few drawbacks, namely, free-standing heaters are only good for heating smaller rooms and garages. Further, they do have a propensity to release small amounts of carbon monoxide into the air, something best avoided if possible.

Wood Stoves

Wood burnerIf you’re looking for a heating solution for your garage which adds a little winter charm, why not try a wood stove?
As long as you can secure a steady supply of wood to fuel it (which, admittedly, can be rather expensive in the long run), then you will be able to keep any kind of garage nice and toasty throughout the winter months.

However, you must take the following into account: you will need a safe amount of room to install it, clear of anything combustible; wood stoves must be connected to proper chimneys; and, finally, wood stoves do take quite a while to heat up – so it’s not really a short-term heating solution.

Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are one of the most commonly used methods of warming your garage and for good reason. Electric heaters are quiet, clean and will not encroach your garage’s already limited space. Further, there’s no need to connect them to a furnace, boiler or chimney – you simply need an electric power source.
Electric heaterAlthough relatively cheap to purchase, the main drawback with such heaters is that they can prove costly to operate on a long-term basis in particularly cold weather.





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