How To Protect Your Garage Door Against Thieves

Garage doors are one of a burglar’s favourite entry points into a home.

This, in itself, should be enough to make you think a little more carefully about ensuring that this part of your home is properly protected from thieves. This is especially true considering that your garage often houses some of your most expensive items, namely, your car.


1. Keep The Windows Frosted

This may seem simple, but if people can see into your garage and eye up its contents, then they are much more likely to try and break in.
So, with this in mind, if you have windows on your garage door, or anywhere around your garage for that matter, make sure that the glass is frosted. Alternatively, you could also install shades which would have the same effect.


2. Keep Your Garage Door Opener In The House

Although keeping your garage door opener in your car ensures you never forget it, it can also make it much easier for burglars to steal it.

If you get in the habit of bringing it inside with you, you’re immediately making it much more difficult for thieves to open your garage. If you often forget to bring your remote inside, you can always attach to your car keys, this way you will never have to remember!


3. Install An Alarm

You’ve got one in your home, so why not your garage too? If they sense any motion they’ll emit a loud sound which, in theory, makes intruders flee. This will certainly offer you some peace of mind while at work.


4. Ensure Your Garage Door Is Sturdy

If your garage door has been neglected, burglars will be able to tell. What’s more, it will be much easier to break in to. Consequently, if you feel as though your garage door doesn’t look sturdy enough to act as a deterrent, ensure the proper repairs are carried out.

However, if your inspection flags up a greater problem with your garage door, it might be wise to have a new one installed. Metal and wooden doors are particularly resilient and will certainly provide a strong barrier against thieves.


5. Motion Sensing Lights

Keeping your garage well lit will certainly help deter thieves, and a great way to do this is with motion sensing lights. Installing these on the outside of your property facing your driveway, any would-be thieves who are skulking around will be instantly identified.

If you would like a further level of security, you could always invest in a camera system. This way, you can be 100% sure that your home is safe.


Think you need to beef up security by choosing a new garage door? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Dimension Garage Doors, our highly experienced garage door specialists provide services across the North West of England which include installation, automation and repair work. Contact us today to discuss the different garage door options and services we provide or for general enquiries.

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