Ways to effectively store your bike in your garage

The beginning of summer is a popular time for many people to invest in a new bike for scenic rides in the sunshine, but you wouldn’t be alone in despairing at the space and mess incorrectly stored bikes can make. That’s why your garage can provide the perfect environment for keeping your bikes tidily stacked away and safe from outside elements.

There are many storage systems available at low costs to save space, and time, when storing your bike. The essential factor required for an effective way to store your bike is something that is easy for you to assemble, efficient to use, actually frees up some storage space and, above all, is a safe way to store your bike.

Bike rack

A standard bike rack like you might see on public streets is a cheap and easy way to store your bike inside your garage. Many racks come pre-assembled, so if you’re lacking in DIY skills this may be the choice for you! The bike rack also provides the additional safety element of allowing you to lock your bike up whilst it is in your garage, and can be utilized for a number of bikes – ideal for families with multiple bikes to store.

However, if you find your garage space is a tight squeeze, the bike rack may not be the most efficient use of your space. It still stores bikes with their wheels on the floor, and so takes up a lot of space potentially used for cars or other belongings.

Wall Bike Hooks/Racks

Mounting your bike on the garage wall via bike hooks or racks is an efficient use of space that may not be used otherwise. Wall hooks or wall racks are inexpensive and unlike hooks, can be free-standing and moved if needed. A huge benefit of free-standing wheel racks is that no permanent installation is required, making it a perfect choice for renters or those who do not require a permanent storage solution in their garage.

One disadvantage of using wall hooks is that they can be difficult to install depending on what your walls are made out of – a brick wall could prove difficult to install hooks on to for example. Moreover, lifting the bike up to the wall mounts may be difficult for some, so care should be taken that you are able lift the weight of your bike to that height before installing the system.

Ceiling Mounts

From simple hooks attached to the ceiling to pulley systems that allow you to pull your bike up from the floor, there are many products that will allow you to utilize your garage’s ceiling, and take up space never even used before!

Note that if you own a bike with hydraulic brakes, you cannot hang your bike upside down, however there are many ways to hang it right way up instead. Ceiling hooks may also not be suitable for garages with up & over doors, so be mindful of what suits your storage space best.

DIY Bike shelf

If all else fails – DIY! If you only have one or two bikes to store, consider designing a bike shelf for your garage wall out of some spare wood. If you have an artistic eye, it could be one of the best features of your garage.

Extra Security

When storing valuable bikes, it is important to make sure your garage is 100% safe, from weather and cold as well as to deter any would-be thieves.

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