Tips For Maintaining Your Garage

The majority of homeowners will spend most of their time, energy and money making sure the inside of their property is in tip top condition and looks exactly how they want it to. However, external parts of the house, like the garage, can soon become neglected, lacking adequate maintenance. So, we’ve created a list of top tips for how to maintain your garage this year so it doesn’t drag the rest of your properties pristine condition down.

Check the Cracks

To ensure that the garage door is opening and closing smoothly, remove the dirt in the cracks and the grooves. Use a blower to chase away any bugs and to get rid of the spider webs. If it’s an older door, you will need to lubricate all moving parts to keep it functioning properly.

Inspect for Pests

Seasonally, you will find that insects will lodge themselves in the gaps where your garage walls meet the foundations, as they provide the ideal moist and cool habitat. If you notice any signs of the presence of any bugs, you should call an exterminator immediately.

Insulate your Garage

Garages are known for being subject to extreme temperatures that can have a damaging effect on the contents of the garage. Insulating your garage walls and choosing a durable, solid garage door can help regulate the temperature, lowering the risk of your belongings becoming damaged when temperatures plummet during the winter months. This will also help reduce the risk of the freeze and thaw effect on wall cracks, in case water finds its way in.

Fix the ‘Little’ Flaws

The floor of the garage should also be given paramount care. On a regular basis, move everything and hose the floor down. Any flaws like chippings should be repaired to prevent extensive wearing of the entire surface. The foundation should also get an inspection once in a while. If you notice any dampness on the floor that causes the floor to rot and crack, consider calling a contractor to redo the floor.

Cleaning Gutters

Once spring is over, there will no doubt be lots of leaves and twigs in the gutters. These can clog together and may lead to rainwater dripping into the walls and roof rafters, which can cause rotting. When the leaves decompose, they will also cause corrosion and wearing of the gutter sheets, so it’s important to clean out the surrounding gutters on a regular basis.

Garage Doors

Whether you store your car or other belongings in the garage, a garage doors is a necessity for the ultimate protection of these items. However, garage doors need regular maintenance to retain their good condition and longevity. Every half year, homeowners should wash their garage doors and repaint them (read our blog on Tips for Painting your Garage Door).
Through inspection, the homeowner should be able to:

• Inspect the rollers of the garage door.
• Check whether there is breakage in the wheels and whether the ball bearings need a replacement.
• Have a look at the hinges to determine whether they are loose or broken.
• Check all the nuts and screws to find out whether they are loose.


After the inspection, you will determine whether you need any urgent servicing to your garage, and if you find that you require further help, the team at Dimension Garage Doors can offer specialist knowledge and garage door repairs throughout Manchester. Simply get in touch with us today for more information on our garage door services.