Side Hinged Garage Doors: The Pros & Cons

When you own your own home, it’s only natural for you to want it to look as good as possible, and with kerb appeal playing such a big part in the impression and influence of your property, a garage door can be the fine line between a nice, neat looking home and an unkempt, ill-maintained home.

But with so many different garage door styles to choose from, all with different appearances and functionalities, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start if you’re looking at investing in a new one.

The team at Dimension Garage Doors have compiled a short but effective ‘pros and cons’ list for the side hinged garage door. As a traditional style, the side hinged door is a very popular option, so let’s take closer look at the things to consider beforehand.


  • Easy access in and out when on foot, as it opens like a normal door.
  • Available in a range of materials and finishes to complement your home’s exterior. Typically it is often wooden but it is also available in others materials such as steel and uPVC).
  • Minimal noise when opening and closing as it doesn’t rely on noisy mechanics but just the doors hinges. This is ideal if you’re in and out of your garage a lot or you work in their until late at night.
  • Can leave one door open and one closed if you’re working in your garage and want to be able to see outside.
  • Far less scope for things to go wrong as there are no complex mechanism.
  • Ideal for garages that lack the headroom that other garage doors demand, such as the up-and-over style.


  • More complicated to make automatic (it can still be made automatic however, with a side hinge converter).
  • The doors open outwards, so if you park your car on the drive, make sure you leave room for the garage doors to open – not ideal for short driveways.
  • If your home opens onto a public area, such as a pathway, this may not be the best style door for you as the doors swing out on the hinges.
  • A maximum width of 9 ft is available.

So now that you’ve seen all the pros and cons, you can weigh up if the side hinged garage door is right for you and your property, and whether it can offer the perfect finishing touch that your home needs.


If you’d like to discuss in more detail the types of side hinged garage doors available, then please contact the team at Dimension Garage Doors. Serving throughout Stockport, Manchester and other regions of the North West, our highly trained workforce are experts in the field – simply contact us today for more information.Less secure that a vertical opening garage door, whether manual or automatic (you could add extra bolts to improve the security).