Planning Your Ideal Garage

Garages are often an unused space for homeowners’ to store disused or old items, turning it into a large storage space with no real purpose. Previously we discussed how to declutter your garage and free up some valuable space, however, what about going beyond just tidying up, and transforming your garage into your ideal space?

With a little planning, the garage can become as useful a space as any of the rooms in your house, providing ample storage and opportunities to develop a hobby that you’ve never had the room for previously.

We listed a few things to consider when planning your ideal garage.

Factor in your hobbies

A garage is a great place to make room for a hobby that can get messy or requires a lot of space. From pottery, woodwork, to tinkering on motors, you can dedicate a portion of your garage specifically to your hobby, meaning things can stay in their place until your project’s complete.

Level the surface

If you are renovating your garage from scratch, the first thing you should focus on is the floor. The concrete may be uneven or have large cracks in it, in which case resurfacing or patching the concrete is a good idea to provide you with a solid base in good condition. Also, consider what type of flooring you might want in your garage, we discussed how to tile a garage floor in a previous post.

Will cars be using the space?

Many homeowners choose not to use their garage as car storage – indeed, having a large enough secure driveway may mean you don’t need to. This means you will have far more space to organise in your planning, however cars should be factored in when designing the garage if you plan to store it inside.

Power outlets/lighting

When using a space regularly, you want easy access to plug sockets and lighting. Overhead fluorescent light bulbs provides a great light source, and can be fixed around areas where you will be working. Ensure you have enough plug sockets in the garage to be able to power any devices that will be running in there.


Storage is more often than not the main purpose homeowners use their garage for, so it pays to invest in a good storage plan for your garage. Ceiling to floor shelving is useful for preventing clutter; separate your belongings by type or use to make things even easier to find!

Top Tip: Don’t just look to the walls for storage space – the ceiling also provides plenty of unused room to store larger items such as bikes, freeing up valuable floor space!

It’s important to remember that security is a key factor when planning your garage space; you want your possessions to remain safe and protected at all times.


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