A guide to help avoid garage door injuries

As one of the heaviest moving objects that can be found in a home, the garage door can without doubt pose a hazardous risk to owners. But with laws in place to regulate the manufacturing of them, it is hopeful that the amount of household accidents they cause will be considerably lowered.

Nevertheless, whether due to thoughtless actions of people or perhaps a malfunctioning door, garage door injuries can and do still happen. However, by making sure your garage door is professionally installed and fully functional, you can lower this risk. You should also take the time to carry out regular maintenance checks to make sure everything maintains its correct functioning order.

In the meantime, we’ve come up with a useful guide to help you and the rest of your household avoid any future garage door injuries.

Garage door opener

If your garage door is automated and you have a remote control to operate it, make sure this is kept out of reach of children at all times so as to avoid any tiny hands playing with the buttons, and, albeit accidentally, opening and closing the door when it may not be safe to do so.

A moving garage door

Be careful not to run under a closing garage door to either enter or exit the garage. It’s difficult to gauge how fast the door is moving and it could result in numerous accidents, such as head or leg injuries. This will also set a bad example to children as they could copy your actions, which could put them in danger also.

Finger and toes

It may sound like an obvious one, but when closing the garage door, keep all fingers and toes far away to avoid an accidental trapping.


Keeping your garage door regularly maintained by trained technicians will help avoid any malfunctioning. If any problems are discovered they can be rectified straight away to eliminate any risks or hazards. Do not attempt to carry out any repairs yourself – you will not understand the mechanics of the garage door unless you are a trained technician, and tampering with any of the components could lead to severe injury or even death.


We’ve mentioned keeping the remote control out of reach of children, but it is also worth explaining to them the dangers of a garage door in a bit more depth (if your children are old enough to listen and understand). Inform them of how it operates but explain the dangers of what could happen if this is not done properly, or if they’re careless and don’t listen your instructions.

Most common garage door injuries can be avoided if you practice these few simple steps. But, generally speaking, being cautious and using some general common sense will help you and your family remain safe from the perils of the garage door. If you need any maintenance checks or repairs, then leave them to your professional garage door technicians.

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