Garage Door Problems That Need Professional Repair

Without the right expertise, attempting to fix your broken garage door can often end up causing more problems, and has the potential to seriously injure you in the process. Here at Dimension Garage Doors, our trained experts always recommend hiring professional help to repair your door back to it’s original standard, and remove the risk of injury to yourself.

In this article, we’ve looked at some of the more common garage door problems you may experience that will require professional repair.


If the springs in your garage door break, the door will not be able to function properly – you may not even be able to open it as the springs are there to help lift the door. As the springs are tensioned to make the door lighter, they can be very dangerous to attempt to fix if you do not have the correct experience and equipment, so this is one problem that will always require a professional repair to ensure it is done correctly and safely.


The rollers on your garage door help it to transition from vertical to horizontal more smoothly, so if these become damaged it is important they are replaced to keep your door functioning and avoid any further damage to the components of the door. Due to their constant use and the strain on them, rollers will eventually require replacing. These will need professional repairs to avoid the risk of injury to you, and so the repair person can identify which rollers need repairing.


The cables or chain on your garage door are used to pull open the door, and as such are under a lot of tension. This means that attempts to repair the cables yourself can be extremely dangerous with a high risk of injury; it’s important to hire professional repairs to ensure the door opens correctly and remove the risk of injury to yourself.

Panel replacement

The panels in your garage door are essential to keep well maintained for several reasons. First, damaged or broken panels are unattractive on a home, but more importantly, a damaged panel leaves your garage – and potentially your home – less secure from outside elements and even potential burglars. Having a professional repair your broken door panels is important to keep the garage and its contents safe.


If your garage is electronically controlled, it is possible that the motor could breakdown. As the motor contains electronic parts, a trained expert will be required to identify the problem and fix it correctly – DIY attempts could result in more damage! To avoid the risk of more damage or even electrocution, we recommend you have your motor professionally repaired.


Here at Dimension Garage Doors, we offer a specialist garage door repair service, as well as maintenance and service checks to ensure your garage door always remains in top condition.Our cost-effective repairs service saves you from the expense of replacement parts, and with our expert engineers you can have the peace of mind that your garage door is repaired to full working order.

For more information, or to discuss your door repair requirements, feel free to contact us today.