Garage door maintenance tips to carry out to avoid costly repairs

Regardless of the design and style of the door, all garage doors should be checked on a regular basis (we would suggest at least monthly) in order to make sure it has not been subject to any accidental, deliberate or weather damage over the months/years.  Keeping up with regular maintenance will also benefit you in the long run, as it can help you avoid any costly maintenance work that may need to be done.

So here at Dimension Garage Doors we’ve put together some common things to keep your eye out for and help you avoid any expensive garage door repair costs from coming your way.


The track can soon become blocked with debris such as old leaves or moss, so it’s important to check them regularly to make sure they are clear. If you do find any debris, simply wipe or vacuum it out, so your garage door can function smoothly without any hold-ups. When clearing out the trackers, remove any build-up of grease as this will only attract more debris in future.


The cables from your garage door should be checked for any signs of fraying as this can be a definite indication that your garage door will soon become dysfunctional. Whilst doing this, it’s worth making sure that all springs are tight, secure and well connected.

Bearings and hinges

All bearings and hinges on your door need to be lightly lubricated. This will ensure a smooth functioning of your garage door and avoid any unwanted, jolty or annoyingly squeaky movements.


Dry springs can be the reason for a jamming door system, so to ensure a fully functioning garage door, always make sure the springs are lightly lubricated.


Lubricate the rollers with engine oil. The best thing to do is to place a drop on each roller, so when it begins to roll, the oil will be drawn into the bearings. Be careful not to use grease to lubricate them, as grease tends to attract the collection of debris and hair.

As well as carrying out these necessary checks, there are also other maintenance procedures you can do to ensure your garage door is protected throughout colder climates.

When the weather turns cold and the snow falls, you want to protect your garage door against the perils of winter to avoid it jarring and not being able to access your belongings.

We recommend you first clean down the door, apply a layer of wax. This will help shield it against acidic rain, rust and the sun as well as giving it a nice shiny, polished finish.  If the door has seals then make sure they are all tightly fitted around the frame to avoid frost entering between the panes and freezing.  These checks can be done on an annual basis, rather than monthly like the others.

Any electric garage door that is installed now needs to have optic sensors that work to detect any object or person that may be in the pathway of the door. The only downside is that when more advanced technology is used, there is more scope for things to go wrong.  So, check to make sure that nothing is blocking the path of the sensors, as they need to be in line with one another in order to work properly. If you find they are already in line yet still don’t seem to be working properly, try rotating the eye around slightly, as sometimes a small movement can help return them back to working order.

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If you do spot any troublesome signs or something that is beyond repair when doing these maintenance checks, then get in touch with your garage door supplier so it can be inspected in further detail by a trained engineer. If you live in the Manchester region, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Dimension Garage Doors today, our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.