Decluttering your Garage

Last month we discussed our top tips to store your bike and free up space in your garage, but what about all the other stuff that’s been sitting in there for years? Garages can easily become a cluttered storage room, and without organization can quickly become a mess you don’t even want to go near.
This month we’re talking you through some easy steps to declutter your garage and organize your belongings more effectively, freeing up more space and clearing out any unused junk.

Clear Out

First things first, take everything – and we mean everything – out of the garage and put it on your driveway or lawn. Summer is probably the best time to do this, as you don’t want to risk the rain pouring down on all your possessions! Organise everything into piles as you go – junk to be thrown away, things to be donated, and belongings you’d like to keep.

Throw Out

Make solid plans to throw away the ‘junk’ pile – if you have a helper who can watch the garage, you could even drive to the tip on the same day, freeing up valuable space for the next steps of decluttering.

Clean Up

Give your garage a good clean by sweeping and vacuuming any dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Having a clean space to start with will instantly make the room seem a more inviting place to store things tidily. Now is also the time to install any space saving equipment you’ve bought i.e. bike hooks, shelves, storage units etc.

Use the Walls

The best storage solution for a large number of belongings is to store vertically. By installing wall hooks, or shelving, you will create more floor space and utilise the support and room the walls of garage provides. Bikes, as discussed last month, can free up a lot of floor space by being stored via wall hooks or eve ceiling mounts, whilst a larger storage unit with shelving will prevent too much floor space being taken up when belongings need to be stored quickly.

Find a Zone

Many experts recommend creating ‘zones’ for your belongings based on their uses. For example, store all your camping equipment together, then all your tools together, beach items etc. This will mean that everything has a designated space, and will make finding items much easier in future.

Keep Safe

Garages are a great place to store cleaning chemicals, but ensure you have these stored in a locked, ventilated cabinet to protect children from any dangerous spills.

Store Securely

Once you’ve utilized your garage to it’s full potential, it’s important to ensure your belongings are secured safely.

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