A buyers guide to choosing a new garage door

Contributing to part of your houses architecture, garage doors are an important feature to your house and with some of them taking up to 30% of the front of your house, you need to make sure that you have the best style, size and colour to make the right impression – and for great kerbside appeal as well!

But there are also the practicalities to consider such the durability, the up-keep and the cost. So we’ve created a handy guide that will hopefully help you when it comes to choosing your new garage door.

  1. Choose your style

Up and over garage doors

-A popular choice mainly due to its easy functionality.

-Available in two styles: canopy and retractable.

-The door is mounted on tracks that run across the ceiling of your garage.

-The door functions so that it is lifted and pushed back into the roof space of your garage.

-Allows for maximum use of the space in your garage and with minimal hassle.


Sectional garage doors

Mostly constructed from steelwith panels filled with foam for extra security and strength.

-The door glides upwards and can be stored neatly lying flat in the ceiling space of your garage roof.

-Ideal for those garages that open straight onto the road, or properties with a short driveway.


Roller garage doors

The garage door is mounted on tracks that run up the side of the frame.

-As the door opens it rolls up neatly into a compartment at the top of the door, so it is unseen.

-You can take full advantage of the space in your garage due to its vertical retracting system.

-You can also drive right up your driveway until your car is face to face with the garage door, as you don’t need to leave space for the door to open out.


Side hinged garage doors

-Available to open in different sized widths.

-Ideal for those who may have obstructions in the way and therefore can’t have uplifting doors such as up and over and sectional garage doors.

-Offers a very easy access for both cars and pedestrians.

-Their simple construction makes them easy to operate and maintain.


  1. Choose a material

Take the time when considering what material to have for your garage door. Not only do you want something that is practical and durable but you also want something that will complement the external look of your house. So consider what colour and pattern brickwork you have as well as the colour of your front door or any other nearby features.


–          Stylish

–          Durable

–          Sturdy (sturdier than aluminium)

–          Comes in a variety of styles, colours and finishes.

–          Low maintenance

–          Affordable prices



–  Creates a natural look and feel for any house.

–  Traditional choice

–  Requires regular maintenance such as painting or staining to protect the wood. throughout the seasons.

– Overlays are available to achieve the look of wood but at a lower cost.



–   Available in many styles, colours and designs.

–   Very low maintenance.

–   Rustproof

–   Lightweight – less pressure on the mechanisms such as the track.

–   Easier to operate (especially if it’s a manual) due to its lightweight material.

–   Less durable than steel.

–   Can dent easily.

The main factor to consider when choosing your new garage door is the safety that it can offer you and your home. All these styles of garage doors provide complete security but additional measures can be added for extra security and peace of mind, such as reinforcing the door and installing an alarm system. They can also be insulated to help regulate temperatures throughout the year and available as either manual or automated for your convenience.

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