How to avoid mould in your garage

Many families opt to use their garage as an additional storage space for bikes, outdoors equipment, and any other belongings no longer used. Keeping your garage mould free is therefore essential to keeping your possessions safe and the garage a clean space to store items in.

In this month’s article, we’ve listed a few simple tips to keeping your garage mould free.


Dark, humid conditions are the perfect environment for mould to grow in, which unfortunately is exactly what most garages are. While you’re tackling the moisture problem, also consider ways to get more natural light into your garage – this could include installing a window to invite more natural light in, or simply opening up the garage door for a few hours to circulate the air flow, although this won’t directly deal with a present mould problem.

Avoid moisture

Moisture is the underlying factor behind many outbreaks of mould around the home, so keeping your garage dry is essential to fighting off any infestation. Key tips for preventing moisture from getting into your garage include properly insulating the space, providing adequate ventilation (ventilation slats or windows are ideal), or even installing a dehumidifier in the room to keep it dry at all times.

Quality garage materials

Some materials are more prone to mould infestations than others, so choosing the right materials is important for keeping the garage a mould-free zone. Metal and aluminium are ideal materials for keeping mould at bay, whereas wood can be more prone to it in the right conditions.

This is also useful to bear in mind when storing items – cardboard boxes can attract mould easier than a sturdy metal storage container purpose built for keeping your items safe and dry.

Frequent cleaning/maintenance

If left alone, mould in your garage will only grow and get worse. The best method to avoiding mould in the garage is to stay vigilant with cleaning and maintaining your garage space. Monitoring the room, keeping it clean and free of damp is essential to a mould-free garage.


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