5 Ways to Innovatively Reuse Wooden Garage Doors

With the shabby chic look on the rise, many homeowners are trying their hand at home DIY to see what quirky, new invention they can come up with to complement their home’s interior.

One object you might not have thought recyclable around the home however, is your garage door. But if you are upgrading to a new garage door, then don’t throw your old one away just yet. Keep hold of it for a while and have a read through our top 5 ways to innovatively reuse your garage door, and see if anything takes your fancy!

Garden bench

The perfect way to upcycle your old garage door is to turn it into an idyllic garden bench! You can choose to either leave it the colour it is and simply coat it in a layer of outdoor varnish, to protect it from the elements. Alternatively, you can choose to paint it another colour – see our blog on how to paint your garage door for top tips!


Fill in any holes with putty, then sand down the whole surface to ensure it is smooth and ready for painting or staining. Measure where you want the top of the headboard to be and then attach securely to the wall using heavy duty picture hangers. If you don’t want it to just hang from the wall, then secure by drilling it into the wall.

Room dividers

For those who have large rooms, you can split the garage door up and use them as quirky room dividers. Not only will these be more robust than a standard folding screen, but with a fresh lick of paint, it will look far better too!

Wall art

For a rustic interior, your garage door can be split up and hung as wall art. You could even create a photo frame to hang on your wall for something original and to bring a homely touch to your house.


Similar to the bench, you can create a table for your kitchen. Make sure you sand it down thoroughly, particularly the top surface to get rid of any splinters, and paint or stain with a few layers to avoid any chippings.

So now you’ve seen the possibilities of upcycling a garage door for many uses throughout the home, you might not be so quick to throw away your old one!
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