5 top tips for organising the space in your garage

If you have the luxury of having a garage, then you’ll know how handy this space can be. But without realising it, you may be taking this extra storage space for granted.

It can easily become a dumping ground for all the bits and pieces you don’t know where else to put. But by doing this, not only do you clutter up your garage space so it can’t be used for anything else, but you can also forget what you’ve even put there and probably can’t be bothered to sieve through all the junk to find it!

Garages are most useful for storing garden furniture such as tables, chairs, swings and barbeques, as well as tools. Yet it can soon become a place to keep anything, like old clothes and electrical devices that may be broken but you’re keeping because you said you’d fix them ‘one day’.

Overtime all these things that were once just bits and bobs accumulate to the point where they need to be sorted out, as some things you would have outgrown and won’t have any use for anymore. So it’s time you organised your garage properly, before it becomes a no go zone that you can barely open the door into.

Find a day when you can get all the family together and sort out the entire contents of the garage. This way you can’t be accused of throwing something out that is still wanted.  It may seem tedious and tiring spending a whole day doing it, but it’s better to get it all sorted in one go rather than coming back to it in stages as you’ll forget where you got up to.

If you’re thinking where do I begin? Then the best way to start is to lay the entire contents of the garage out on the ground (so make sure you do it on a dry day). Then you can physically see how much stuff you have in your garage – and how much work needs to be done!

So now it’s all laid out, it’s time to get stuck in with the organising.  Divide things up into 4 main categories:

  • Things to send to charity shops
  • Things to send to the skip
  • Things to give to friends and family
  • Things to keep

Remember to be ruthless and ask yourself ‘when was the last time I used this?’ This should help you make a decision you’re happy with.

The things you’ve put in the ‘keep’ pile, consider if they can be stored somewhere else? For instance, if you have a spare room you could keep your old clothes in there. They’re less likely to get ruined if they’re in a room in the house, as they’ll get damp and smelly if left in the garage. For the things you are keeping in the garage, organise them into boxes and label them accordingly. This way you’ll be able to find things much more easily, plus you’ll know which box to add new items to.

When putting them back in the garage, think about the things you use on a regular basis, keep these things at the front of the garage so you can have easy access to them. Those things you don’t need to access for a while, such as summer garden furniture (if it’s in the winter) place right at the back so they’re out of the way. Overhead storage and shelves are also a good idea to fit as they clear a lot of floor space which is ideal for if you keep your car in the garage as well.

Now you’ve sorted out your garage so it’s a neat and tidy organised space, don’t slip back into your old ways of piling any old junk into there, promising that you will put it in its right place ‘one day’. Do it at the time, this will save you the job of sorting it all out again!

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