5 Top Garage Conversion Ideas That Can Add Value To Your Home

Many homeowners use their garages to store various bit and bobs. Once used fitness equipment, various tools, summer garden furniture and old toys you can’t bring yourself to part with yet, and before you know it, your garage has turned into a bit of a dumping ground for things you don’t really know where else to put! But there could be a much more beneficial way to make use of your garage space…

Garage conversions can be a very efficient way to maximise all the garage space you currently have, while adding value to your property too! If your garage is attached to your house, you might consider converting it into:

  • An extra lounge
  • Another bedroom
  • Children’s playroom
  • Extending your kitchen

Or if your garage is a separate building away from the house, maybe consider:

  • A home gym
  • An office
  • A cinema room

But before you get carried away with the excitement of planning what sort of room you will convert it into, you should ask the fundamental question: Am I actually able to convert my garage?

There are various legalities that can restrict you, so before you do anything else you must first check out the following things to make sure all your efforts – and money – are not wasted.

Planning Permission

This shouldn’t be an issue unless you plan to actually extend the size of the garage before you convert it, making it much larger than its original size. But even if you aren’t planning to extend it, it’s always worth checking this out with your local authorities, as each differs from the rest.


Building Regulations

If you intend to convert your garage into a liveable space, you will need to make sure you’re fully compliant with all government building regulations. You can be denied permission to convert your garage if, for instance, you are either living in a listed building, need more insulation or if there is an issue with parking where you live, then authorities can refuse you as a garage is a place where a car can be kept.

A building control officer will be sent to your property to carry out the necessary checks on the garage before any conversion plans or construction has begun.


Restrictive Clauses

You should check your deeds for any restrictions you may be subject to. Restrictions can be placed to ensure the external appearance of a house is not altered.

If you find that there are restrictions on your property, you may also find they can be lifted in return for a fee.

So now you know about all the legalities and restrictions you need to sort out, if you have the go ahead, you can get stuck into designing your new converted space. But how exactly can you make the most of the garage space?

Well, you want to make it look as though it has always been part of the house and there are a number of clever ways you can achieve this.


Match features

Try and match as many decorative features of the converted room as you can to those of the room it joins to. For instance, have the same flooring installed, same skirting boards and windows and doors so the basic structure flows throughout the house, making it look less like it was an afterthought.


Paint and colour

Considering that most garages are rather small, it’s wise to choose colours that will make the room look and feel bigger, so try keeping to neutral colours such as white and creams.

Make the most of any natural light there is by keeping the space in front of, and around, the window uncluttered.

Hanging a large mirror across the width of a wall can help open the space up making it appear larger (but obviously this depends what the room is being used for).


External appearance

External appearances can be just as important as internal appearances, especially if you’re looking to sell your property in the long-run as kerbside appeal can play a large part in this.

Having a professional, clean and robust garage door can finish off your garage conversion perfectly! With various styles and materials available, you can find one to suit your tastes and reflect your style.

So, if your garage space is in need of some sprucing up then why not consider using it for something worthwhile and converting it into a space that can be well used.


For further information about having a professional garage door installed, please get in touch with the team here at Dimension Garage Doors today. We stock a variety of garage doors to cover all budgets and tastes, and our expert staff are highly skilled to carry out installation and repair work.