4 Signs That Your Garage Needs A Revamp

After you have owned a house for a while your garage can become cluttered, old, and dirty, and it’s always a good idea to catch it before the mess gets out of hand. We have compiled a list of the main signs to look out for so you can keep your garage a clean and organised space to work in and keep your belongings.


1) Cracked Floorcracked concrete

If your garage floor has serious cracks then they can cause leaks, attract insects and impact the structure of the building. The majority of garage floors are made of concrete, and all concrete slabs naturally contract and crack as part of the hardening process. The important thing is to find out if these cracks are problematic or not. Usually, cracks are serious if they continue to widen after the first two years, just keep an eye on any you notice growing and measure the width. Also in general, garage floors can chip, crumble and look unappealing after a few years, by then it’s usually time for a revamp.


2) Mould 

Most people don’t realise that garages have the perfect conditions for mould to grow, and if you spot any thriving in the dark, damp parts of the room, it is time to take action. The process is simple enough, just spray the mould infested areas with warm water and a commercial cleaner, then scrub it with a stiff bristled brush. To stop the mould returning, consider extractor fans to ensure proper ventilation, and on hot, sunny days leave the garage door open for a bit to let light in. Also, a professionally manufactured garage door won’t have any gaps to let water into your garage, so this will help to keep the space as dry as possible.


3) Broken Garage Door

One of the main parts of your garage that needs to be consistently updated and maintained is your garage door. The main sign that the door needs some TLC is when it doesn’t open or close properly, this is dangerous as it could lead to burglaries or pests. A loud, harsh sounding garage door is also a hint that it might need some maintenance. It is important to fix the door promptly because it could mean there is a larger problem, like dysfunctional springs. If your garage door is old and faded it makes the rest of your house look less appealing to visitors as well, sometimes a new coat of paint or even a new door can brighten up your whole property.

tidy garage

4) Lack Of Space

Another pointer that you need to give your garage an upgrade is when it’s so cluttered that you can’t find anything. Disorganisation is a common problem as garages attract all the unwanted and unused objects which you can’t find a place for. The most common reason for this is you just need a more effective storage system. After a thorough clean up, and a purge of all the objects you don’t need, a good idea would be to install storage shelves and cabinets, wall panels for hanging things, and overhead racks to utilise the space better.


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