10 Top Tips for a Successful Garage Sale

A garage sale can be an excellent way to clear away a bit of excess clutter while simultaneously placing a bit of cash into one’s pocket. There are few tried and tested tips which will help make any such event productive and even fun. Let’s peruse the top ten tricks to successfully manage any garage sale.


It will first be necessary to categorise any items that you wish to sell. Make certain that none will be missed by your friends or family, and if you suspect that an object may have some real value, check online to determine whether it should be removed from the sale and brought to a specialist (such as antique expert).


The best way to ensure that the greatest number of shoppers will arrive is to hold your sale on Saturday or Sunday. Spring and summer will provide more amenable weather conditions and if rain is even a potential, it is best to postpone the sale until a later date.

Proper Advertising

Place physical advertisements around the neighbourhood; civic centres and shopping malls are great at attracting visitors. Still, employ social media platforms, online forums and local auction websites to further bolster your presence before the big day.

Comparing and Contrasting

In order to achieve the most accurate pricing, it is always a good idea to visit consignment shops and even other yard sales. If an item is priced ridiculously high or even massively low, there will be much less of a chance that the buyer will be interested. In other words, be realistic as opposed to idealistic.

Place Larger Items in Front

Large objects such as furniture, paintings or musical instruments will grab the attention of the audience. In fact, this is the same strategy that many retail outlets will use. When larger items are immediately visible, an individual will be more likely to examine smaller items as well; a “mix-and-match” appeal is the end result.

Price Every Piece

Every single piece of merchandise should be clearly marked. This arises from the fact that some visitors will arrive at a sale to only purchase smaller goods. Finally, pricing each piece will allow you to understand the total potential profit that you could make.


The term “garage sale” may be a bit of a misnomer, for it is best to move the sale from the garage itself into the front garden or the side of the road. This will allow for a greater visibility and those who may not even be aware of the event are more likely to stop and have a look.

Business Cards

There may be some visitors who are not interested at the present. Providing them with a business card or contact information will help to ensure that they return, should a future sale take place.

Friendliness is King

Be cordial and engage with shoppers. In this sense, a bit of personality goes a long way towards an eventual sale.

The Power of Negotiation

If a buyer is intent on an item but wishes to pay a bit less (within reason), it is often wise to negotiate until an agreeable figure is reached on both sides. This can make the difference between a sale, and an individual simply walking away.


Making certain that the immediate surroundings are presentable is also important to display an orderly appearance for your garage sale. So if you’d like to spruce up your garage door, then Dimension Garage Doors are the people to call. With a range of garage doors and a team of competent engineers on hand to carry out maintenance and garage door repairs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.